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Microplastics Community Science Toolkit

Microplastics Community Science Toolkit

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Community Scientists are beach cleanup groups, students and community volunteers who use science and technology to identify and address solutions for microplastic pollution on their local beaches while helping to fill global data gaps for scientists and decision makers to influence change. 


Use the Microplastics Community Science Toolkit anytime at your local sandy beach(es) to... 


  1. Measure microplastics and contribute the data to a global database  
  2. Monitor microplastics in your community to inform local research and solutions  
  3. Test for the presence of microplastics at your favorite beach, and learn about their sources and solutions 
  4. Educate and empower yourself or your students with knowledge and experience in STEM and the environment 


Order your Kit to start a project in your community or school and help to stop microplastic pollution at the source! 

5% of every Kit sale will be donated toward the purchase of a Kit for an underfunded school. To sponsor a school please email

  • Digital Resources 

    • Educational resource and training guide  
    • Sandy beach sampling protocol to collect microplastics from your local sandy beach 
    • Data Evaluation Guide to understand most common microplastics in your community and their potential sources  
    • Engagement and advocacy tools to engage your community and policy makers 


    Technology and Tools 

    • 2 stainless steel sieves (used in the protocol) 
    • 1 Saturna Imaging System 
    • 1 Waterproof hard case for easy transport
    • Access to the Mariana data portal to upload and analyze your images and contribute to global heat maps